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We just continue Vienning

This week’s blog post is also coming out late because I really didn’t feel like writing anything on Sunday, and I didn’t realize that I’m going to be at a conference from Monday till Wednesday.

I have a credit card y’all! I was having problems with my bank (debit) card last week (could make an online payment, could withdraw money) so I stopped by at my favorite Erste bank to see what’s up. While I was there, I also applied for a credit card. I’ve never had one in Czech Republic and from what I’ve read on the internet, it’s a little bit safer to pay with. Plus, some services (car rentals for example) want you to have credit card, not a debit card. The card came after two days, followed by the pin code the day after. So now I have a credit card and I feel very mature.

I went to a talk of Felix Krause on Wednesday. It was very nice! I’ve watched tons of talks like this (people talking how they’re doing what they’re doing) on youtube, but I have never gone to one. I guess that’s because not that many people I’m interested in come to Brno. I really liked it, it motivated me. I’ve been struggling to find a direction which I should take in my side projects and one of the things Felix said was that you should keep your eyes open on the things other people . You might be doing something, but maybe it’s more useful to develop something you’ve created to help you build that initial thing. I guess you never know where you’re gonna end up. What you need to do SOMETHING.

As I was saying, I’m having troubles choosing what should I focus on. I really want to make tools for myself. I want to learn how to make them on iPhone, because that’s what I see myself using all the time and it could be useful to use it more for work. On the other hand, I also want other people to be able to use what I make. And the third point is that I want to make some side money out of this. I think the money part should really be the last thing on my list. I really believe that if you make something good, the money will follow. But still, I think I have to keep that in my mind, because if I don’t, I might as well end up being an open source maintainer who gets zero income out of what he’s doing while it takes a full time job to do that.

I’m going to a conference from Monday to Wednesday. It’s actually my first time going to any conference (I have a poster there). So I hope that it’ll be fun.

After I come back, I really want to get an Austrian sim card with mobile internet. There’s an option to get a sim card which is not prepaid and nor contract. You just pay each month and get minutes/sms/MBs and when you want to stop this you just stop paying. This doesn’t exist in Czech Republic as far as I know.