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#WORK update nr. 2

I’ve spent some time thinking about myfitnesspal this week, deciding if I should use it for the health tracking and visualization project. What I found is that there is an API for which you can register, and there’s also this Python library. In the end I decided not to use it, mainly for two reasons:

  1. I don’t like investing too much into one service/company with my data. Not so much because of security reasons, but rather I don’t want to one day lose it when the API changes, or when the company stops existing.
  2. MFP tracks a lot of things I don’t care about at this moment (calories, nutrients composition). I want to keep it simple and customized.

Keeping things really simple allowed me to actually start coding something. I figured out a system and a format I’m gonna be using to track stuff. It has three levels:

  • small physical notebook, in which I’m writing stuff that I eat throughout the day. This is crucial because for the initial note keeping there needs to be absolutely no format, just write it down somehow
  • google sheet which is basically just a transcription of the physical notebook
  • google sheet where meals are “tokenized” into ingredients

I finally started coding this week. I loaded the ingredient tokens and generated a list of all things (ingredients) I usually eat (and tracked so far):

Just for a start, I rendered them all at random locations on the screen:

I also started to build a yearly view (so far all the months have 31 days). The idea is to select a certain ingredient (or an ingredient group later) and highlight in the yearly view where it has been tracked:

So far I’m using openFrameworks because it’s a familiar environment for me (and I want to learn it more). I can totally see that it might be useful to do this project in a web environment later but for now that would mean learning way too much new stuff.