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#WORK update nr. 3

This week I really wanted to see the data. What I had to implement to do this:

  • rendering of a list of ingredients (rather than having them randomly distributed on the screen)
  • make the ingredients selectable somehow
  • mark the day in the yearly view a different color when the selected ingredient has been logged on that day
  • annotations of the yearly view (to be able to orient myself in time)

We went to a Tove Lo concert in Prague this week so I worked some on the train and then a bit over the weekend.

I have to say that I’m really really enjoying this so far. It makes me again excited about writing code that generates something graphical and, more importantly, interactive. The fact that through some simple data and a really primitive code (enabled by the amazing openframeworks library) I can generate some insight (or rather at this point just some entertainment) is the exact reason why I wanted to do visualization, why I went to do a PhD in this. It reminds me of my beginnings with programming, breaking my teeth at setting up SDL, and then jumping around the room when it finally built and I made a rectangle show up on the screen.

Maybe that’s just a coincidence but I’m also getting more inspired in the ‘main work’ project I’m doing (a rework of my rejected paper).

Some ideas for what to do next:

  • indicate when there’s no data logged for the day
  • start making hierarchy of ingredients, eg. carrots, zucchini, potatoes => veggies
    • this captures the concept of tracking on multiple levels (makes it easier and real-world compatible)
  • overlay with ‘status’ data: how I feel, when I have some health issues (headaches, stomachaches, eczema appearance)