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Multi-scale Labeling Project

First paper project I’ve worked on in my PhD (where I was the first author) was Multi-scale Labeling. The goal was to come up with a solution to annotate with textual labels big molecular models that the group I joined was rendering. The core of the problem was to transfer existing label layout techniques onto a model with very specific characteristics that made it impossible to directly use them. These scenes were multi-scale (having structures on different levels), multi-instance (very many instances of several structure types), dense (because molecules are tightly packed together), and 3D (as opposed to maps for example). The technique I implemented builds up on the previous work of Ladislav Cmolik, who's also been a co-author of the paper.

I implemented it inside the Marion framework, using C++ and OpenGL. FreeType has been used for the text rendering.


This project has culminated into a scientific paper: Labels on Levels: Labeling of Multi-Scale Multi-Instance and Crowded 3D Biological Environments, accepted at IEEE Vis 2018 conference and afterwards published in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) journal.

The paper has received the SciVis Best Paper Honorable Mention.


I’ve recorded footage throughout the process and in the end compiled it

There's also been quite a lot of sketching and writing of notes, some of which I've scanned. I like to keep these "process artifacts":